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Product Name Server Price Action
5000 K Gil NA-Leviathan 13.00 USD
8000 K Gil NA-Leviathan 20.79 USD
10000 K Gil NA-Leviathan 25.99 USD
20000 K Gil NA-Leviathan 51.98 USD
30000 K Gil NA-Leviathan 77.97 USD
40000 K Gil NA-Leviathan 103.96 USD
50000 K Gil NA-Leviathan 129.95 USD
80000 K Gil NA-Leviathan 207.92 USD
100000 K Gil NA-Leviathan 259.90 USD
200000 K Gil NA-Leviathan 519.80 USD
300000 K Gil NA-Leviathan 779.70 USD
400000 K Gil NA-Leviathan 1039.60 USD
500000 K Gil NA-Leviathan 1299.50 USD
600000 K Gil NA-Leviathan 1559.40 USD

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